Simple and intuitive placement system

Placement decision sequence

Placement decision flow diagram

An entering student (1) first takes the Listening Assessment.  If the score indicates intermediate listening comprehension or better, the next step is the Reading Assessment (2).  If the Listening score does not satisfy the criterion, the student is placed into the Listening Module (1a).  After 4 weeks, a different version of the Listening Assessment is given (1b).  Again, the score determines whether the student goes on to the Reading Assessment or spends another 4 weeks in the Listening Module.  This cycle repeats until the Listening score is satisfactory.

The same system is followed with the Reading and Writing Assessments and Modules.  After the criterion on the Writing Assessment has been attained, the student goes directly into the Advanced Module (4) and leaves (5) whenever personal goals have been achieved.

The logic of this placement system should be apparent.  It applies the principle of Progressive Functional Skill Integration and enables the modules to focus on their respective skills with the full power of the teaching techniques described earlier.

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