The FOCAL SKILLS Placement Tests

For a brief overview of the FOCAL SKILLS placement system, see

Simple and intuitive placement system
FOCAL SKILLS programs are free to develop their own placement tests. Here are two resources that may be helpful:

Yes/No/Maybe Comprehension Assessments: Valid, Reliable, Easy to Use

Using Blackboard to Assess Language Proficiency
You may also log in to a special student account on CourseSites by Blackboard and get a rough idea of how online testing looks on this platform. Go to


and log in as:
Username: eslteacher
Password: tesol2013
Qualified programs that do not wish to develop their own placement tests may enter into a contractual agreement with Global Language Education Services for online testing. Here are two links that will give you a general idea of how the service works:

GLES Placement Testing

Here’s How Our Testing System Works